dallas-headerDallas is located in Texas and is one of the most mythical city, which has a past and present rich in the things that American legends are prepared of. The city is well-known for its contributions to famous culture and more specifically the Cowboys and Dallas, the TV series that for a time was a universal representation of the country. An enthusiastic environment makes for an amazing dining scene and you can tell which place is worth visiting by the sort of cars the valet leaves out front and also the nightlife in this city is not too ragged moreover.

The museums here are not only outstanding, but also unique. History enthusiasts should not miss the memorials to President John F Kennedy’s assassination as it is a place of great historical interest. The most extraordinary accumulation to Dallas’ traditional landscape in modern years is the enormous 68-acre Arts District which is now boasted as the largest in the country.

Don’t worry however because all this culture and patriotic background doesn’t mean that Dallas isn’t still a model of noticeable consumption. Dallas boasts of having more malls per capita than anywhere else in the US, and which means shopping is definitely this city’s guiltiest pleasure and we know some of you just can’t resist it. So if you sense the need to take out your credit card, then don’t think anymore and just get aboard a great shopping experience.

Dallas proposes guests and residents with abundant of things to do and no matter what your taste or budget is, you will surely enjoy your time here. You need to check out all the great museums in the downtown area or at least visit a professional sports game at the Cowboys Stadium or another choice is the American Airlines Center, which ever suits your schedule. If you’re visiting this amazing city during the pleasant autumn or spring seasons then head on over to one of many great parks and gardens of this beautiful city. Planning to travel with kids? Then take them to one of Dallas fun amusement parks and have a fun filled day!

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