Flight Rules: Tips From The Flight Attendants

flight-attendant_bxcw9u-e1402024260641Who knows the most about the flights as the people working in this field? Jacqueline Whitmore has made a successful career as a flight attendant and she has some simple and effective tips to make you feel at the airport and on board as at home. I met her at Conwaysnb where she told me that

Get ready for a flight in advance

No matter how many times we heard this farewell. The principle of “doing everything on time” warns the lion’s share of potential problems and save your nerves. Pack your things in advance to make sure that your carry-on luggage and a suitcase meet the established airline standards. Also, check the availability of documents before getting to the airport.

Don’t take more luggage than you can lift

First of all, this rule includes the carry-on baggage. Passengers manage to pack so many things of questionable necessity, even in hand luggage. The staff and particularly the flight attendants don’t like such passengers, as they often cannot place their own luggage in the cabin, hinder other passengers and delay boarding. Compactness is a basic principle when it comes to carry-on luggage.

Avoid sudden tilting of a backrest

Most of us are flying in the economy class and use the services of low-cost airlines, so the lack of footwell is a problem familiar to many people. In such cases, people tilt a backrest quickly to relax a little. Before you do this, it is necessary to check up, whether the passenger behind you feels comfortable about that.

Respect other passengers

Do not listen to music or watch movies without headphones. We really do not like when someone makes noise, so you should not turn into people who annoy us. In addition, it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of food. Many people prefer to take a snack instead of purchasing it on the board. In this case, try to make sure that after a meal half of the cabin will not be saturated with the smell of onions and smoked sausage.

Release the passengers sitting in the front

It’s amazing how people can easily overcome a ten-hours flight, but ten minutes required to leave the cabin usually turns into a torture. In order to avoid all sorts of trouble, it is necessary to release the passengers who sit in front or back of you first, depending on what exit you are targeting. Even if they have a bulky hand luggage, it will be much calmer and more polite to let them pass first. If you are hurrying for a connection flight, tell your flight attendants – they will help you to leave the cabin as soon as possible.

Count to 10

Perhaps, in your neighborhood, there is a passenger who did not read these recommendations. Before you rush to make a remark to this person, mentally count to ten in order not to inadvertently start a scandal. The best option would be to appeal to the stewardess and explain that the comfort of many passengers is violated. She has a better chance to solve the problem without bloodshed.

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