From ‘Stray dog’ in 1949, ‘Tokyo story’ in 1953, ‘Godzilla’ in 1954 to ‘Lost in Translation’ in 2003, and ‘Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift’ in 2006, some of the legendary movies were shot in the beautiful and grand city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The list of movies with Tokyo as their shooting destination is endless. According to Portland Pest Control expert Historical monuments or building or the high sky scrapper buildings with luxurious hotels, you name it and you get in Tokyo. It is a perfect blend of modernization with history.


Where there are tall Neon buildings in the city, ancient shrines, wooden homes with plant covering the roofs and walls, village like small lanes, old sweet shops also are important part of the city. It is also homes of some of the world’s best fashionistas and is also the business hub of Japan.  Also, world’s most advanced technologies and electronics can be found in Tokyo. Being world’s most populous city it has a large timely and efficiently running train network. The people of Tokyo keeps the city litter and crime free bringing the sense of calmness and progressiveness in the city.

If you are planning to visit Tokyo, just be aware that its extremely hot climate in in July and August and the first three months of the year are extremely cold. However, with availability of all sort of technology, this will rarely affect your trip. Tokyo is not a centralized city and one needs to explore every neighbourhood of the city to experience it. For cultural treat visit Asakusa, where city’s oldest temple called the Ueno Park is located. This area is the true depiction of the heritage and olden architecture.

City’s fashion can be best explained at areas like Omotesando and Harajuku where one can find both branded store along with tribal and authentic wear. If you want to shop in malls of Japan, Marunouchi area is best for you. Other than malls this area is also famous for its amazing luxury hotels, where afternoon tea is the speciality. Urban living and culture can be best experienced at the Daikanyama area which is well known for fashion boutiques and chic cafes that amazes the tourist the most.

Top sights to be viewed at Tokyo includes Meiji Shrine, which is a beautifully built shrine surrounded by flora and fauna, Tsukiji fish market, with the widest range of seafood especially Tuna fish to satisfy your taste buds, Odaiba Island, which is generated artificially, Imperial palace at Tokyo, which has beautiful scenic gardens and tours and is the home of the king of Japan.

Tokyo National Museum, where the art and antiquities of Japan can be seen, is another eye candy. The Yoyogi Park which was a park on site for the Olympics 1964, is now famous for city park, lakes fountains and high trees.

Tokyo is a fun destination and should be on the must see of every traveller.

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