Louisville, Kentucky

louisvillenightskyline2-smallLocated on the banks of the Ohio River, this amazing city mergers the small town charm with that of urban complexity. The city’s main course to fame is the renowned Kentucky Derby which is a worthy event to look out for. The race which takes place at the Churchill Downs has been a seen as a national event for more than 120 years and continues to attract crowd. Most of us may first have learned of the city from a baseball bat or so. Now, the reconstructed Louisville Slugger Factory is another major draw of this amazing city. The city itself has been strengthened as being a busy riverfront district that also boasts of the attractive Riverfront Plaza.

Travellers have an option to take the scenic river cruises aboard The Belle or The Star to explore the waterfront. The city also caters with a dynamic arts scene which also presents the Kentucky Center for the Arts, as well as numerous renowned museums and annual festivals to enjoy. Looking for some of the best dining option? The city proposes around 2,500 restaurants, decorated by the festive Restaurant Row present on the Bardstown Road corridor of the city.

Five of Louisville’s most unique features and characteristics.

  1. The Kentucky Derby:

The event presents the two most exciting minutes in sports one can enjoy. Additionally, they are the fastest two minutes in sports. The famous Kentucky Derby is scheduled for the first Saturday of May at Churchill Downs part of the city and is headed by the two week festival, which also comprises of a parade, a steamboat race, hot-air balloon races, and amazing concerts on the waterfront, and the largest annual fireworks show which is a treat to the visitors.

  1. Bourbon:

To those who are not familiar, bourbon is a famous whiskey that is generally made from a grain mixture comprising of at least 51% corn and though this famous bourbon whisky can be made anywhere In the world but it is long been associated with Kentucky and the combination tastes great.

  1. Food:

The city boasts of some of the amazing food joints. Though the city is the home to famous food brand KFC and is also Colonel Sanders’ final resting place, it is quickly becoming known for its local food movement and the great taste they offer.

  1. Sports Oriented:

To one side from the famous Kentucky Derby, Louisville’s big time sport is college basketball and is played by a majority of youngsters.

  1. Parks:

The city houses some of the most beautiful parks ranging from the Waterfront Park to the Olmsted parks system. This beautiful city has no scarcity of outside space for Ultimate Frisbee games, bike riding, family picnics, and walking. For a mention the Iroquois Park provides a great outlook of this beautiful city, and not to forget the Iroquois Amphitheater which hosts some of the mind blowing concerts.

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